Invite Ty Roth and Kelly Lytle to Speak to Your Organization!

Not long ago,I read Kelly Lytle’s memoir, TO DAD, FROM KELLY. For those unaware, Kelly is the son of Rob Lytle, former Michigan Wolverine, finalist for the Heisman Trophy, and Denver Bronco who died much too early at the age of 56. It was his father’s passing that inspired Kelly’s book. As I’ve shared here and on other outlets, I was blown away by TO DAD, FROM KELLY. Recognizing the many similarities in our upbringings and the many intersections between Kelly’s book and my GOODNESS FALLS, I asked Kelly to lunch, and he graciously accepted. Since then, we’ve decided to dip our toes in the public speaking waters by providing presentations on the issues addressed in our respective books. If you are a member of such an organization (Football Moms’ Club, Parents’ Club, Booster Club, Youth Sports League, Civic Organization, etc.) or know of one that might benefit from such a presentation, please contact me. Check out the brief introduction below, and for further information on us and our books, visit our web pages: and

DSC_0843Kelly Lytle

Ty Roth and Kelly Lytle were born and raised thirty miles apart in the Ohio cities of Sandusky and Fremont respectively. Both the public and parochial high schools in their hometowns share long histories of sports rivalries, none more intense than that between their storied football programs. Ty spent nine years as a head varsity football coach, and Kelly, who is the son of the late Heisman Trophy finalist and former Denver Bronco Rob Lytle, had his own promising football career cut short by injuries. It is their histories with football and their love of storytelling that brought Ty and Kelly together.

Although multi-themed, both Ty’s and Kelly’s books and presentations confront the pressing issue of football-induced head injuries. In doing so, they both hope to encourage the establishment of increased safety measures and to raise greater awareness in athletes and their parents of the necessity to report and recover from a head injury in an honest and cautious manner. In addition, they emphasize the importance of keeping sports in a proper perspective, maintaining honest and always open lines of communication with those we love, and living each day with zeal.

If interested in having Ty and Kelly speak to your organization, email Ty at or call at 419-341-1143 for more information and to schedule a FREE presentation. Books will be available for purchase and signing.