Interview with PC View

One of the cooler aspects of publishing GOODNESS FALLS has been the opportunity to work with student journalists at Port Clinton High School. A few weeks back, one of my students, who is interested in pursuing a career in journalism, conducted an interview with me that appeared on the front page of the Ottawa County Register. The interview above is from the PC View television show aired locally and produced entirely by PCHS students under the direction of Mrs. Carla Pelz, who just happens to have been a student of mine in one of my very first years as a teacher.

I understand that these aren’t exactly the New York Times Book Review or the Oprah Show; however, I cherish them both dearly. If the interview has piqued your interest, you can order GOODNESS FALLS through your favorite online bookstore. A link to Amazon is provided below.

Interview with Author/Blogger D.L. King

Here’s a link to an interview I did with D.L. King. D.L. has a fantastic sense for the literary and asks some of the most insight-producing questions to which I’ve had the pleasure of responding. Check it out: