Ain’t Too Proud to Beg

As I’ve noted in an earlier blog, one of the most challenging aspects of choosing to publish independently – as I did with GOODNESS FALLS rather than going through a major publisher – is gaining exposure for your book beyond family, friends, region, and one’s already-established audience of readers. Without question, the most effective means for building buzz is through the word-of-mouth recommendations as made by those who have read and enjoyed the book. Many of you have done this already and have been a valuable means of expanding my audience. Quite a few have gone a step further and tweeted or given GOODNESS FALLS a recommendation through Facebook. In both cases, I can’t thank you enough! There is one more strategy that those of you who have read the novel could do me a huge solid by participating, and that is by rating the novel and writing a review on GOODNESS FALLS’ Amazon page. It’s just a fact that testimonials and reviews from readers are very important to book buyers. Therefore, if anyone is so inclined, I will be forever grateful if you could visit my Amazon page to rate and write a short review of GOODNESS FALLS. I’ve provided the link below.

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