I’m Going Country!

Gone Country
I love it when readers tell me that they loved GOODNESS FALLS, that they couldn’t stop reading, and more or less read it in one sitting. No compliment could be more flattering to a storyteller. However, I have to laugh to myself when I think that, in total, it took me over four years time and three different versions to write that darn thing. But, trust me, I’m not complaining. The question that typically follows those responses to the book is “”What’s next?” Well, let me tell you.

While promoting GOODNESS FALLS is still a major focus, I’m slowly giving more of my time to what I intend to be my next novel. I’ve been working on this novel for over two years. It too has gone through several manifestations. My summer project is to rewrite it one final time and to begin exploring my publishing options in the fall.

I can give you a brief plot synopsis and, I hope, whet your appetite. It’s titled OHIO and is the story of a female country singer/prodigy, who, at fourteen and under the strict control of her stage mom, her manager, and her Nashville record company, had already reached the peak of country music stardom, including top-selling singles, spots on the bills of major tours, and Grand Olde Opry and CMA performances. Now at eighteen, however, her status in the country music world has sunk so low she has been reduced to playing county fairs in the Northern states. One night, tired of the road and tired of living the life others have imagined for her, she sneaks off the bus at a rural turnpike service plaza and disappears into a black, northern Ohio-country night with the half-assed plan of changing her identity, starting over, and living the life of a regular teenager. There, she discovers her self and the real meaning of being country.

I hope that piques some people’s interest. In the meantime, if you haven’t read GOODNESS FALLS, please do. If you have read it and liked it, please recommend it to all of the readers in your life. If you really liked it, give it a shout out on social media.

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