Writer at Work

Writer at Work
One of the most common questions I’m asked is “When do you find time to write?” In fact, I don’t know if I “find” time so much as I “make” time. I don’t know how many people have shared with me over the years that they have a great idea for a novel. The only difference between me and them is that I actually sit down to write. Which means I’ve had to cut back on my television time, my Netflix time, my sleep time, and sadly, my reading time. These are sacrifices that simply have to be made. It was when I was in grad school pursuing my English Literature masters that I realized that there is a lot more time in the day than most of us realize. It’s primarily a matter of being attentive to how we spend it and making conscious choices to spend it in particular ways. Otherwise, it slips through our fingers.

During the school year, I “pick” at things. I jot down ideas; I draft a little; and if I have a project that is being prepared for release, I do a ton of editing and proofreading. It is, however, in the summer that I do the majority of my actual writing. My daily routine is to write for three hours in the morning, go for a run, eat lunch, take a short nap, then write for three more hours in the afternoon. If I have nothing planned for the evening, I may sit down and either write some more or read and edit what I wrote that day.

Tomorrow is my first full day of summer, and I still need to devote some of my time to promoting GOODNESS FALLS, I can’t wait to get back to writing. It’s without question the editing that separates bad from good and good from great writing; nonetheless, it’s the creation process that is the most enjoyable. I have a first draft of what I plan to be my next novel already completed. However, I haven’t hardly looked at it in months. I will read it out loud looking for plot holes, grammatical glitches, and clunky-sounding dialogue. I will cut out scenes that don’t work and add new ones to bolster the plot and to better develop characters and themes.

The yet-untitled novel is one that I have been playing with for over two years and about which I am very excited. I love its premise, but I haven’t yet quite fleshed out the plot to my satisfaction.


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