Acceptable Risk?

Saving U Green is a web page devoted to promoting “healthy living, healthy food, and living a green life on a budget.” It is run by Marla Zickefoose. a former Sandusky resident and SMCC grad. As many of her numerous followers are parents with children either already participating in or considering contact sports (She’s located in Texas, one of the few states more football-crazy than Ohio.), I reached out to Marla to see if she would be interested in me contributing a guest post to her page addressing concussion awareness. Marla graciously agreed, and I have linked it above.

While there, check out the many reviews, giveaways, fashion, beauty, and travel tips Marla provides. For your own edification, follow her page, subscribe to her newsletter, and follow Saving U Green on Facebook and Twitter. Marla is a gifted writer and a savvy social media entrepreneur. I didn’t do the math, but between Marla and more than 40 of her followers who re-tweeted her announcement of a giveaway of two signed copies of GOODNESS FALLS, potentially well over 100,000 people were exposed to the name Ty Roth and the title GOODNESS FALLS for the first time! You can’t buy that kind of publicity; well, at least I can’t.

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