Little Help?

A Little Help
If I had been given a quarter every time I asked for a “Little Help?” from a neighbor or a passerby in returning a stray football, baseball, basketball, brother, etc., when I was a kid . . . well, let’s just say I’d have had to do a lot less digging underneath the couch cushions to find enough change for an ice cream cone at the Dairy Frost. Here I am, however, many years later, asking for a “little help.”

I’ve written several blog posts about the differences – both the advantages and disadvantages – of publishing GOODNESS FALLS independently. Perhaps the biggest downside is not being assigned a publicist to help in the promotion of my book. Although the majority of debut and mid-list authors receive only the minimal of push from their assigned publicist, it’s better than nothing. As an independent author, however, the entire burden of marketing and publicizing a book falls on the author’s shoulders.

Therefore, I’m asking anyone who is willing and able for a “Little help?” If you have read GOODNESS FALLS and especially if you have enjoyed the story or have found the issues it addresses to be worthwhile of dissemination, I’d greatly appreciate any help you may provide in encouraging others to read it. In fact, no publicist can do for a book what positive word-of-mouth can do. Neighbors and friends making a book recommendation to another neighbor or friend is a million times more powerful than paid for advertising or product placement.

Initial sales have been solid, and words cannot express my appreciation for all of you who have purchased GOODNESS FALLS. It amazes me that anyone would take any time out of their busy lives to read anything I’ve written. It is vital, however, that with my second novel I expand my readership beyond friends, family, and return readers from SO SHELLY. Therefore, if you’d like to give me a little help in reaching that goal, recommend GOODNESS FALLS to a friend or family member, give it as a graduation gift, write an Amazon review, or recommend it on Facebook or Twitter.


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